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✓ A smooth and enjoyable writing process (yes, it can be easy and fun).

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  • Super You takes you inside the labs, companies, and minds of today's pioneering scientists who are transforming what it means to be human by overcoming biological limits that have existed since our ancestors swung out of the trees and into the suburbs. It shows you how to hack your life to live better and become more super, every day.

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  • It’s a modern myth that hard work and hustle are the paths to success. Inside you is a soul. And once you unleash it fully into the domain of work, magic happens. The Buddha and the Badass trains you in a process that disrupts the way you work altogether. Readers gain access to tools that bend the very rules of reality.

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  • Own Your Power teaches eight principles that drive success from the perspective of Jayson Waller, who today is the CEO of a billion-dollar enterprise and has a top 3 podcast, True Underdog. Jayson grew up poor with an abusive childhood. It offers readers actional strategies for overcoming mindset barriers.

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  • Ignite in Circle is a revolutionary seven-week process for women that combines the time-honoured structure of a women circles with personal growth training. Readers engage in exercises of self-introspection to unlock higher levels of self-expression, wellness, and overall life fulfillment.

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  • In The Dream Machine, growth coach and retention expert Dane Espegard shares his system for developing a culture centered on dream planning and goal realization. The book teaches business leaders a process for maxmizing employee potential and driving any business to the next level.

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  • Many Millennials and Gen Zs are struggling with how to move forward in their lives with certainty, clarity, and confidence. This simple five-step solution helps them identify which kind of Quarter Life Crisis they are in and provides readers with a clear roadmap and simple exercises for overcoming what holds them back.

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Praise from Kay's Former Clients

  • "Grateful for my book collaborator Kay Walker. Your genius writing and storytelling skills, and your unwavering commitment to bring more transformational training and tools to the world, made you a fierce partner to have in the creation of this book.”

    Vishen Lakhiani, The Buddha and the Badass Founder of Mindvalley
  • “Kay is awesome. She coached, inspired, and pushed me to be all I can throughout this book process.”

    Jayson Waller, Own Your Power Founder of POWERHOME Solar
  • “Kay made this daunting process very seamless and efficient. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I am sooooo grateful for everything she did to bring my ideas to life and spoken word to written form. She was an absolute blessing. My book wouldn't be anywhere close to the same without her. I am forever grateful.

    Dane Espegard, The Dream Machine Leadership and Sales Trainer

Hi I'm Kay

I'm a New York Times and Wallstreet Journal Bestselling Non-Fiction Book Ghostwriter, Author, and a Behavior Change Content Strategist.

I work with today's leading thought leaders in personal growth and business to craft their epic manuscripts. I also co-create behavior change methodologies for courses and apps.

I've written my own books too. In 2016, I wrote Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human(Que Publishing/Pearson Education). I interviewed dozens of experts like Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey to Zoltan Istvan, on what accelerating tech means for the future of humanity.

My mission in life: To raise emotional intelligence across the globe by creating and sharing the most gamechanging behavior change and business methodologies, processes, and information.

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