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Praise from Kay's Former Clients

  • "Grateful for my book collaborator Kay Walker. Your genius writing and storytelling skills, and your unwavering commitment to bring more transformational training and tools to the world, made you a fierce partner to have in the creation of this book.”

    Vishen Lakhiani, The Buddha and the Badass Founder of Mindvalley
  • “Kay is awesome. She coached, inspired, and pushed me to be all I can throughout our work together.”

    Jayson Waller, Own Your Power Star of BAMFAM, Top 5 Podcast Host
  • “Kay made this daunting process very seamless and efficient. It was an absolute pleasure working with her. I am sooooo grateful for everything she did to bring my ideas to life and spoken word to written form. She was an absolute blessing. My book wouldn't be anywhere close to the same without her. I am forever grateful.

    Dane Espegard, The Dream Machine Executive Leadership Trainer

I've ghostwritten and authored a ton (15 and counting!) of books...

  • In 2016, I wrote Super You, a book that took readers inside the labs, companies, and minds of pioneering scientists like Ray Kurzweil, Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Aubrey de Grey and more. The book covered how tech innovations are helping us overcome biological limits that have existed since our ancestors swung out of the trees and into the suburbs.

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  • The Buddha and the Badass was an international, NY Times and WSJ bestseller, and collab with author Vishen Lakhiani. The book explores the modern myth that hard work and hustle is the path to success. It teaches readers that inside them is a soul. And once they unleash it fully into the domain of work, magic happens. Readers gain access to tools to reshape how they live.

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  • Own Your Power was a ghostwritten collaboration with Jayson Waller that made the WSJ, USA Today and Amazon bestseller lists. It teaches eight principles for business success from Jayson Waller, who has built 3 multi-million dollar enterprisea and had 3 top Apple podcasts. It offers actional strategies for overcoming barriers and succeeding in life and business.

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  • Success as an influencer is a replicable formula and this book shows readers how. The Micro Influencer's Brand Partnership Bible was a book collaboration with author Ashleigh Warren, founder of top influencer agency, So Social. Readers learn how to develop a streamlined platform and community, scale it and scale it by building partnerships with major brands.

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Hi I'm Kay

I'm a learning & personal development specialist and content creator who has had the opportunity to work with some of today's leading thought leaders in personal growth and business.

My mission in life: Help people perform at their best by creating and sharing gamechanging behavior change and business methodologies, processes, and content.

My top skills: leadership development, curriculum design, long-form content creation (books, courses, research reports), coaching, communications, brand development and writing.

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