Believe in Yourself: 4 Success-Proven Practices to Grow Your Self-Belief

Believe in Yourself: 4 Success-Proven Practices to Grow Your Self-Belief

The greatest pandemic in the world today is: people don’t believe in themselves. The good news is that self-belief can be trained. Like building any muscle of the body you can train your brain to access higher levels of self-belief. You can believe in yourself with the 4 success-proven practices to grow your self-belief below.

When you do this, your entire experience of life shifts. You’ll feel more fulfillment, peace, and joy. And you’ll be truly unstoppable. When there is no ceiling to the belief you have for yourself,  you’re able to achieve any dream you have.

Conversely, if you don’t train your ‘self-belief muscle’ you’ll succumb to the same fate most people fall into: Your self-worth becomes dependent on what other people think of you and your accomplishments. This means, you only believe in yourself when you achieve specific milestones.

For instance, you get a promotion and think: “wow, I’m awesome.”

Or you’re acknowledged by a parent, friend, or colleague, and for a moment you embrace your greatness with a, “I really am great.”

Or, you watch a show or read a book and get inspired and think, “I could do that.”

But then the moment shifts. The inner critic in your head says: “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that.”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

And here’s why you really don’t want this to be you…

People who don’t believe in themselves never live up to their full potential. They desperately seek validation from others to feel worthy and powerful. Whether they get it or not it, it reinforces the pattern. So they work harder to prove themselves. Or they stop trying in life altogether. They become resigned to life itself. They live small lives. They settle.

Lack of self-belief manifests in different ways…

It’s the political leader who acts like a dictator spreading fear. It’s the worker who dreams of running their own business but never builds one. It’s the woman who consistently ends up in unhealthy relationships and eventually decides to stop pursuing love altogether.

If you have a dream that you haven’t achieved yet, the only reason why is: You don’t believe you can.

In other words, you have a belief barrier. And with the five methods below you can overcome it. But first, take one second to consider your level of self-belief today.

Self-belief has a spectrum. Where do you fall on it? The lowest level is “I despise myself” while the highest level:

“I can do, be, have anything. I live in an abundant world. I am a gift to the world. All humans are.”

There is no ceiling to what’s possible for you or any human. It doesn’t matter your station, your age, your circumstances. You can do, be, have anything you want if you’re willing to allow your mind to be one with that idea. 

As world-renowned spiritual leader Michael Beckwith says about attracting what you want: “The Universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you who you are being.” 

You must raise your belief in you. Then you start to behave in sync with the outcomes you want to produce. Soon your reality becomes what you want.

So how do you get there? Well, there are many tactics you can deploy.  This article teaches you five simple ways to strengthen your ‘self-belief muscle’ by training your brain in new thought patterns.

Believe in Yourself: 4 Success-Proven Practices to Grow Your Self-Belief

Self-Belief Practice #1: Shift your focus to real life heroes

Don’t believe in yourself? Don’t try to force it. If you can’t think anything positive about you and you’re trying to stick thoughts like, “I am amazing”, on top of a persistent belief you hold like, “I suck”, that doesn’t work.

Negative self-belief gets wired into you over time. If that’s you, you need to work with your biology and take a different approach. 

If you struggle to believe in you, stop trying to. Instead, shift your focus to other humans you can believe in.

Find stories of people in similar situations as you who have overcome what’s holding you back now. When you start to grow your faith in the ability of humans in general, you’ll start to take new positive actions and this nurture your ability to believe in you.

Here’s a personal example…

I hated myself for the first 15 years of my life. As a young girl, I was overweight. Peers and adults told me I was a loser, ugly, worthless. After hearing this repeatedly for years I really started to hate myself. My thoughts were “I hate me”, “I hate my life”, “I wish I was someone different.” 

I wanted to be beautiful. And I started to look to heroes that I wanted to emulate. One of them was Jayne Fonda. My mother would work out in our living room to Jayne Fonda exercise sessions. Jayne became a hero to me. She was powerful. Beautiful. She always said “you can do it” through the TV screen.

So I started to workout and listen to Jayne too. My love of her and her encouragement to me, even if we didn’t know each other and it was through a TV screen, was transformative. I started modeling her workout and eating habits. Modeling her helped me act in positive ways. I began to believe in me. Slowly, positive thoughts like, “I can do it” crept in.

And when I learned more about Jayne Fonda’s past I saw that she is human and has struggled like me too.

So, if you truly struggle to think anything good about you, find someone else to believe in. Find thought leaders to follow online. Or read biographies. Someone who has done what you want. Learn about their past and their struggles. Often you’ll find that they came from humble beginnings. Often they had similar or worse struggles.

These stories are empowering. They show us the epitome of human. They raise or ideas about what’s possible and then new nicer thoughts about ourselves start to enter simply by shifting focus. 

Self-Belief Practice #2: Reflect on your past accomplishments

When you don’t believe in yourself get present to times where you did. You can do this anytime. By using your imagination, you can go back to times where you felt you were awesome and could make any dream happen.

Everyone has the ability to believe in themselves. At some moment in your life, you did believe in yourself. So you know how to do this. Sometimes you simply need a reminder. You might not have done it recently but you have accomplished great things. Some are big accomplishments. Some are small. Some you’ve forgotten about.

If you can walk for starters. That’s an accomplishment. You once didn’t know how to do that. Same with talking. Or riding a bike or driving a car, perhaps. You have probably realized many dreams and overcome obstacles already. Embrace your greatness. 

It’s important to remind yourself of your accomplishments regularly. When you do this, you train your brain to connect to good thoughts about you. The brain likes evidence. Tear down your inner critic with evidence.

The simplest way to do this is to start your morning with a method I’ve coached hundreds to do. It’s called: The Awesome You List. Here is what you do:

  1. Take time today to write out a list of all you’ve accomplished from birth to now.
  2. Then, each morning read your list before you leave your house for the day.

For guided audio on this, grab this tool: The Legacy Primer. Play it while you are brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee. It helps you think about your accomplishments and connect to your greatness. You can go through this quick practice anytime you don’t feel confident.

Self-Belief Practice #3: The Belief Nudge

When you have a negative thought, nudge yourself into a positive one.

Many experts talk about reframing situations by shifting context. But it only works if you believe the reframe.

So, you nudge yourself to a more empowering belief when you notice you have a disempowering one. The nudge part is important because you can’t stick a positive thought on top of a negative belief that’s wired into you. This is where people go wrong when they try to reframe their thoughts.⁣⁣
For instance, if you hold a belief like:⁣⁣ “I hate my body”, you can’t try to believe, “my body is beautiful.” This is sure to backfire. ⁣⁣

So instead you would consider holding a thought in your mind that’s grounded in a better body belief you actually can believe in, such as: “I have a body that works. I am grateful for that”, or ,“I hate my body today but I can change it.”⁣⁣
Belief nudging has you nurture a healthy internal world. This translates to serious external results and a life of more joy, peace, and fun.

Self-Belief Practice #4: Act without believing

Take action regardless of what you believe. You can do this. You’ve done it before.

You’ve probably had a day where you didn’t feel like getting out of bed but you did. Or maybe you’ve exercised without feeling like it and felt great once you finished. You might even regularly go to a job you don’t love. All of these instances are examples of you showing yourself that you have the ability to take action without your thoughts matching.

You can take action regardless of your ability to believe you can do it or not. Many successful people practice this. When your actions produce amazing results you show yourself how powerful you truly are. This reinforces your belief in you.

With these practices you can grow your level of self-belief so you believe…

“I can do, be, have anything. I live in an abundant world. I am a gift to the world. All humans are.”

But what’s important is you must put in the work. Choose a method that resonates with you. Start today. To make it easy to access this free audio track with music: Legacy Primer Tool.