84% of women and 73% are dissatisfied with their appearance, according to Ipsos Global Research

Most of them put up with this nasty internal body image dialogue. They let it play in the background while they go about their life. And while it might seem that doing nothing about these thoughts is not a big deal, it is. Self-deprecating body-hate chatter takes its toll.

  • Disempowering thoughts about appearance crush self-confidence. They hold women back from achieving the results they want in all areas of life
  • Many women with body hate thoughts are less social, less self-expressed, less empowered. The thoughts block their desire to be out in the world achieving their dreams
  • Left untreated these thoughts can lead to serious emotional pain, guilt, sadness, fear, depression, and low self-worth. They trap women into bad relationships with food and exercise.

No woman with “I hate my appearance” thoughts is at fault…

From a young age, women are conditioned to believe they need to look a specific way to feel that they are good enough.

Most women connect their self-worth to their appearance. So when they feel as though they are not meeting the unreasonable expectations society has imposted on them they diminish themselves. And sadly, this is holds most women back in life.

Women who live with hateful beliefs about their body…

  • Hold back from expressing themselves with other loved ones, colleagues and strangers they meet in public
  • Settle for romantic partners that don’t treat them like queens or give up on love altogether
  • Seriously struggle with their relationship to food and exercise, never mastering either. Feeling like food or exercise owns them. That’s like living in a cruel mental prison.

The end result from uncontrolled disempowering thoughts is…

  • Less feelings of connectedness
  • Less satisfying romantic relationships
  • Fewer friendships
  • Less satisfying careers
  • Low confidence
  • Frustration with life
  • Feelings of self-loathing
  • Lack of feeling whole

It doesn’t have to be this way. No woman should be at war with herself and her body. No woman should believe she is not good enough if she puts on 5lbs. No woman should starve or over-exercise so she can make it in the world.

It is possible to transform negative body image dialogue. It is possible to be a women who lives with a peaceful, loving, winning internal dialogue about herself and her body no matter what state it’s in. It is possible to have a balanced, healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Freedom from a negative self-image is possible

Shifting these deeply held and hard-to-break thoughts and beliefs is simple when you understand the mechanics of how they got created and how the brain works.

Negative thoughts about appearance seem difficult to silence because they have been built over time, in most cases from a person’s childhood and teen years.

Yet, with only a few minutes of daily work, anyone can train their brain to create more positive thought patterns around self-worth, beauty, and acceptance.

Here’s the key: The brain likes evidence. To fight negative thoughts the brain must be fed positive evidence-based thoughts.

Also, what most people don’t know is that thoughts eminate from deeply held beliefs that get wired into us during moments of intense emotions. Beliefs can by shifted when a person is in a heightened emotional state.

That is why this rewiring MP3 tool is so powerful for women who want to access healthier thought patterns.

The You Are Beautiful MP3 is backed by neuroscience

Here is how this 8-minute audio tool works:

  • Combines the science of neurolinginstic programming and music therapy to guides listeners through a transformative and immersive visualization experience
  • Triggers a specific sequence of emotional states that trains the brain to access positive thoughts and better beliefs about the self and body
  • Gives listeners an instant boost of self-confidence so they immediately feel great about themselves, their body, and can be their best with others

Simply listen to it once a day or more for a self-confidence boost.

Try it now. It’s free to download.

Start rewiring new thought patterns today. Break free of disempowering internal dialogue. And ultimately, achieve success in all areas of life.

About the tool’s creator Kay Walker

Kay Walker is a New York Times bestselling personal growth writer, author and development editor. She co-wrote the 2020 New York Times Bestseller The Buddha and The Badass with Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, an education technology company that specializes in transformational learning. The book was also #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

Walker has also interviewed and worked with many of the world’s leading experts on enhancing the human experience. In her 2016 book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human (Que Publishing/Pearson Education) she interviewed dozens of experts including Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey, Zoltan Istvan, Adam Gazzaley, Kevin Warwick.

Kay Walker is the author of seven personal growth books: Feel Better Now (2013), How to Help Your Depressed Teen (2013), The People Magnet Formula (2014), The Yes Getter Formula (2014), The Secret Art of Body Language (2015), How to Be Unstoppable (2015), Quarter Life Crisis Escape Plan (2015).