In coaching circles, I’ve been dubbed the “Game Changer”. I’m all about busting you out of negative funks fast and empowering you to go after your dreams. My priority is that you achieve the outcomes you want quickly and with ease. I coach by the principle that if you’re not getting results, I’m not doing my job.

My approach to coaching is adaptive. I use strategies rooted in neuroscience but I never limit myself to the same tools for everyone. Different people connect to different tools.

Why work with a life performance coach?

Think about your life right now and how fulfilled you are. Think of all the important aspects from your physical health to your career to your relationships – Is there anything you’d like to achieve that you haven’t been able to? Truth is, most people get to the end of their lives with the regret of not having gone after their dreams.

I can get you there.  Like an athletic coach, I have tools in my wheelhouse that you don’t because I’ve spent my life studying and testing them.  The difference is my tools involve challenging and expanding the way you think, communicate and interact with the world.

Life performance coaches are action-oriented. We’re looking ahead to where you want to go and we provide the knowledge and support structures (accountability is a big piece of the equation) to get you there. Unlike many therapists and psychologists we are focused on performance and results. We don’t spend hours on introspection instead we get you motivated and in action.

Why work with me?

I think there are many life coaches that unfortunately give this profession a bad wrap. Why? Because they don’t use the tools they teach. This I believe is pivotal. A life coach isn’t perfect (no one is) but they are always striving to get to the next level. They practice what they preach.

I live and breath this work. As such, I’ve been privileged to train with the world’s leading organizations. I’ve demonstrated my coaching effectiveness in front of experts in my field. I’ve learned from the masters. I’ve also been quoted as expert internationally across media channels.

Want to learn more? Need a quick breakthrough? Drop me a line and we’ll schedule a free breakthrough session so you can experience my coaching style and decide if it’s what you need to take you to the next level. Email me at: [email protected]