Ferrazzi Greenlight

In 2020, I joined Keith Ferrazzi‘s team at Ferrazzi Greenlight as a fractional content chief to manage the editorial operations and help maintain and develop Keith Ferrazzi’s thought leadership. Keith is the one of the world’s top business and team executive coaches and the author of bestsellers Never Eat AloneWho Has Your Back, Leading Without Authority.

At Ferrazzi Greenlight, I hired and led a team of writers to manage the content calendare. I edited and co-wrote articles for Fast CompanyInc. and Forbes magazine. I also managed a team of researchers dedicated to the future of work to help establish a new publishing arm for Ferrazzi called Go Forward to Work.

With a coaching background, I also had the opportunity to work as Keith’s right hand on coaching engagements for several Fortune 500 companies.

The most impactful moments, insights, and ideas that shaped me during my time at Ferrazzi:

  • Asynchronous work is often more productive than synchronous. I worked with Keith at a crucial time during and following the pandemic, when corporate teams were struggling and transitioning to hybrid structures. In our research and Keith’s work as a coach and consultant, we learned and published many pieces to show the value of asynchronous, remote work and how to do it effectively.
  • Most teams suck at communication, and it leads to so much wasted time and money. No matter how advanced our techniques and practices are, teams often need better systems and structures to streamline communication.
  • The difference between coaching humans and coaching business executives and teams. There is a big difference. Teams are complicated. Some coaches understand people, and coaches who understand business. And then, within that, some coaches understand business at the level of Fortune 500 and startups—all very different skills.

Here is a collection of articles we produced together for Fast Company, Forbes, and Inc:

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