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Kay Walker Featured on The Optimized Geek Podcast

Aired September 2016

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Andy and Kay Walker are the co-authors of Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What It Means to Be Human. Andy is one of North America’s top technology analysts and a futurist keynote speaker. He was a co-host of the internationally-syndicated TV show, Call for Help. Andy is also the author of four other books including, You Call This the Future?. Kay is a celebrated lifehacker and personal development coach, and the founder of the Awesome Life Club.


The future is bright-within the next ten years, we may be able to live forever, use stem cells to transform our genetics, and we may even become more machine than human. Andy and Kay Walker share how to combat disease, improve mental health, and forever change your life through revolutionizing humanity and using science to better your life.

We Discuss: The future of technology. Extended life extension and the ability to live forever. How genetic editing can create children without disease. Body modification and stem cells for plastic surgery.


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