Once upon a time, I took an English that got me hooked on Leonard Cohen poems. Below is my favorite one. It’s about a lizard blowing bubbles. I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.


One of the lizards
was blowing bubbles
as it did pushups on the tree trunk
I did pushups this morning
on the carpet
and I blew bubbles of Bazooka
last night in the car
I believe the mystics are right
when they say we are all One

By Leonard Cohen from Energy of Slaves

People are more alike than they are not. And everything in this Universe has value. It’s a part of us. Thinking from this context really makes me think of a greater picture of life for myself. What am I really here to do? How can I contribute my unique gifts to serve the greatness of others? And how can I understand people more by coming from my own experience?

What do you think it means?