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As a leading personal development expert and life performance coach, Walker’s talks are focused on challenging conventional views, shifting people’s perspectives and freeing them up so they feel confident to step into their greatness. Her talks are immersive and often include experiential or team building activities. For Walker, each event is not just about new learning it’s about teaching the audience a skill or tool they  can use to increase their performance.

Popular topics:


  • How to be influential and get anything you want
  • How to free yourself when you feel stuck and stopped in you life
  • Motivation on-demand: How to get in action and get results when you don’t feel like it
  • How to generate confidence on-demand (in times when you feel like a loser)
  • How to stay focused
  • The secret to lasting happiness: How to live a fulfilled life
  • How to confront your fears and taking action anyways
  • How to get what want by changing the way you think (shifting context)
  • How to deal with failure



Google “transhumanist female keynote speaker” and you’ll find Kay Walker’s name at the top. Walker also speaks about the future of technology and has a passion for disrupting conventional views of how technology is presently and will impact our lives in the future. Walker is the author of Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human and was featured in ELLE magazine in 2017.