You are beautiful. Do you know that?

Watch the video then do a self-assessment. Do you believe what the video says about beauty or do you struggle with bad body image thoughts? If you do, grab the free meditation tool below.

It uses cutting-edge scientific principles in human psychology to train your brain into new healthier beauty belief patterns.

Did you watch the video? Assess yourself…

Do you have regular “I hate my body thoughts?”

You don’t have to live with them. And you shouldn’t. While you might think your internal world doesn’t affect your reality, that’s simply not true.

Science in human psychology shows that these thoughts shrink the very epitome of what’s possible for you in life. They squash your self-expression. They diminish what you’re able to achieve. If deep down you hold self-hate beliefs about your body, you will…

  • Hold back from expressing yourself with other people
  • Settle for romantic partners that don’t treat you as you should be treated or that you aren’t authentically vibing with to make your ego feel good or to demonstrate your worth to others
  • Seriously struggle with your relationship to food and exercise feeling like food or exercise owns you instead of  you controlling it

It is possible to shift these deeply held beliefs. They have been built over time. With a only a few minutes of daily workyou can train your brain to access more positive thought patters.

You see, the brain likes evidence. And beliefs can only be shifted when you’re in a heightened emotional state.

Grab this free meditation track to go on an immersive 8-minute guided visualization exercise that empowers you to relate to your body in a new empowering way. Simply listen to it once a day (or more if you need a self-confidence boost). Try it now. Start training your brain into new thought patterns today.

Access the You Are Beautiful MP3