Cyberwalker is a marketing agency that’s been in operation for 25+ years. It was founded by Andy Walker, former tech TV host of Canada’s Call for Help show (nationally syndicated in the US and Australia), tech analyst, and journalist, who is also my husband.

I joined Cyberwalker in 2013 when I decided to pivot careers and move out of Toronto events industry, a career path where I’d been successful in my early working for companies The Butler Did It, Ice Culture, and Zuchterberk Hospitality. 

When I joined Cyberwalker, the agency was working for a number of well-known thought leaders like nutritionist and TV host Julie Daniluk, NY Times bestselling writer and coach for men Neil Strauss, former producer of Canadian TV show The Red Green Show, Rick Green, on his company TotallyADD, as well as, brands like Toyota-Lift and small business owners, to help them grow market share through web development, email marketing, SEO, and ad campaigns. 

I became our in-house Infusionsoft email marketing expert. I was responsible for writing copy for emails and building campaigns for various clients. Along with emails I produced content invarious forms from articles, to blogs, to landing pages, for social media campaigns, as well as, ebook lead magnets. Content ranged in industry from moms to women in businesss to athletes to warehouse managers.

In 2016, Cyberwalker started investing in ideas we had evidence (from analytics research) would succeed. We used our skills to stand up new businesses and streams of revenue. We created a number of brands from a gourmet food retail business (Culinary Hipster), to a depression resource site (Drepression Zone), to soursop fruit import business ( 

Currently, Cyberwalker is involved in the growth of a number of brands from a startup reinventing the funeral industry (Eirene) to a warehouse product company (Lean Inc.) to a supporting the growth of a psycotherapy practice with content and SEO.

Over the years, the Cyberwalker platform has allowed me to develop my digital marketing skills ranging from brand and business development, product packaging, email marketing to copywriting, social media strategy and management, web development and SEO.