You’re likely here to see how we can work together. And while you can jump to my professional bio below, I’d rather you know the other dimensions that make me me because that’s the only way we can have the best working relationship. So, let’s start there.

The stuff you should know about me bio

I’m one of those people that may have married their soulmate. My husband Andy Walker is a rockstar (not a really rockstar. He’s a former TV host and tech analyst. That’s just my word for someone who is out-of-the-world awesome.) We have a son named Carter, who is just as rad. He’s 9 and has loved dinosaurs since he was 2. He’s got a giant heart. Caring for others is his super power.

Our family lives in Canada, not far from Toronto and Niagara. We’re in a quaint town with a bunch of mid-century homes. We leave on an escarpment in a lovely farmhouse that’s been updated and has a ravine in the back. 

We have a golden retriever that we adore. Her name is Charlotte Kennedy “Doog” Daisy Walker. We call her Charley for short or “The Love Sponge.” 

I’m obsessed with personal development. I have spent my life learning from some of the world’s best as a student and colleague. I’ve worked with many world-class coaches, business people, health experts and spiritual teachers. I run daily with a personal growth audiobook and could be caught many nights attending virtual classes on metaphysics. When I have a problem, you can bet I’m guinea-pigging solutions.

I care so much about growing as a person because I believe that’s what we are all here to do; we are here to grow, get better, experience cool stuff, find out what we love, and share our skills.

Beyond that, here are some of the things I stand for and believe in…

  • For every problem in life, there’s a simple formula or solution to solve it (this is why I’m in content).
  • I really care about women succeeding in business and being badass leaders. 
  • I strongly believe in eating healthy and treating our bodies well because they are our foundation. 
  • Being with animals and in nature heals my soul.
  • I read A LOT. Non-fiction is my jam.
  • I stand for entrepreneurship and leadership education for kids 
  • I know a lot about mental health. I suffered a major burnout as an event planner in my twenties. So I care deeply about people taking care of themselves. 
  • I have interesting perspectives on technology and society from my work on Super You. I am very positive about the future but worried about the amount of change society is (and will) experience. 
  • If you’ve read my site, you’ll know I’m a creator. I love to make, build, learn, and innovate. 
  • Lastly, on the DISC, I’m a High-I personality. My letters are I-S-D-C. On the Kolbe, my numbers are 6-4-3-6. On Myers Briggs, I’m an ENFP.

Okay, now, onto my professional stuff.

My professional bio

Kay Walker is a New York Times bestselling non-fiction Scribe, Author, Book Collaborator/Editor and personal growth Content Strategist. Walker currently works as a contractor with Scribe Media where she helps experts in business, leadership and human psychology craft epic manuscripts and share their knowledge and stories with the world. She also works as a consultant in IP development, building behavioral change products such as courses, app journeys, and transformational workshops.

She was the Book Collaborator on the 2020 NY Times bestseller The Buddha and The Badass by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder and CEO of Mindvalley, an education technology company that specializes in transformational learning. The book was also #1 on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Walker also lead the program team for Mindvalley.

Walker has also published her own books. She is best known for her 2016 book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human (Que Publishing/Pearson Education). For this book, she interviewed dozens of world-renowned experts on hacking the human experience. Interviews included Ray Kurzweil on how to turbo-boost your ape brain by connecting it to the Internet using Google’s synthetic neocortex; Aubrey de Grey on how to make death obsolete; and Amber Case on what accelerating tech means for the future of humanity.

Walker is formally trained in human psychology, neuroscience and metaphysics. As a unique pairing to her traditional psychology background, Kay has already been a mindset coach for over a decade who has trained in many high-performance methodologies.

Her training started with Landmark Worldwide where she was a coach then Head Coach in their leadership programs. She eventually ran her own coaching practice. In 2017, she applied and was handpicked as one of the world’s top coaches to train with Tony Robbins team. Walker also trains in metaphysical studies with Agape University.

Needless to say, Walker’s number one hobby is studying, testing and practicing personal growth strategies. Her Audible and Kindle libraries look like the Hay House product line up. When she is not writing, Kay continues to coach and share personal growth content that challenges people to think differently, reframe their obstacles, and empowers them to live their best life.