I’ve been seriously blessed to have had the opportunity to spend hours with some of the top business leaders and thinkers of our time to help them share their stories, methods, and insights with the world. 


My book writing journey started in 2013 when I was invited to be a published co-author of the book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to be Human, to give it a humanist spin and make it appealing to a larger audience that included women. 


With that experience under my belt, I went on to be the book collaborator for Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley and, in 2019, became a New York Times and Wallstreet Journal bestselling writer of The Buddha and the Badass. My success with Vishen pivoted me into a full-time role as a ghostwriter. I joined Scribe Media in 2020 and wrote six books on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, to women in business, to reinventing education, micro-influencer branding, to recruiting, and leadership. One of the books, Own Your Power by multi-millionaire businessman Jayson Waller, was a breakout success and became a Wallstreet Journal and USA Today bestseller.


Over the years, I’ve worked with some of the best publishers that includine Penguin Publishing, Pearson Education, and Scribe Media.


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