Of all the books I’ve written, Jayson’s 8 Principles from Own Your Power are the ones I return to most. They’ve become guiding principles in my own life. And when I need a lift or kick in the ass, I’ll grab my AirPods to put a little Jayson Unleashed podcast in my ear.

Jayson is a bold character that I highly respect for being loud and proud about who he is and what he stands for. He was a blast to work with while creating his first book, Own Your Power, published through Scribe Media.

The most impactful moments, insights, and ideas that shaped me during this project:

      • If you think you’re an underdog, you’re probably not alone. Embrace it. While creating this book, I realized that everyone, even people you don’t think have problems, think they are underdogs. But, if we’re willing to own that side of us, it is extremely powerful, and that’s what Jayson has done. He grew up in a trailer park and had a tough early life. Through the pain and struggle, he learned resilience, sales, and business. These skills have helped him succeed. Working with Jayson, I recognized how my childhood growing up in a small town in a family with financial struggles helped me build great character traits that are to be embraced.

      • Take the stairs, not the elevator!! In the book, there is an entire chapter on this principle. . Later, working at a VC, I experienced entrepreneurs making this mistake repeatedly. We always want success as fast as possible, but if we try and take the quick fix—like taking capital without knowing how to spend it—we end up hurting ourselves. There is value in being patient and moving step by step to get what you want.
      • BAM! Own who you are and be bold about. Stand for something and make shit happen. Jayson is all about BAM, a state to live from and an acronym you can use to empower yourself. In my mind, embracing the BAM mindset and way of being is about being a leader. Simply saying, “BAM” helps me regain power in weak moments and take ownership. It originally stood for Build a Movement, which Jayson believes in, which also resonated with me and is something I’ve taken from our experience working together.
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