Before working with Dane Espegard on The Dream Machine, I remember thinking how helping people at work live their dreams sounded like a nice idea. But then, throughout our work together, I got it.

I was moved by Dane’s method and the transformation it caused in his business, reflected in millions of bottom-line growth and its positive impact on hundreds of people. The underlying concept is this: create a workplace that improves people’s lives because they will want to be there, contribute more, and grow, and so will you because you’re a dream achiever, too. And his method is simple. It’s so damn smart and game changing, and Dane is such a kind, wonderful human that genuinely wants to make a positive impact.

The most impactful moments, insights, and ideas that shaped me during this project:

      • People are great at thinking about what they want but generally suck at taking action. A system and community focused on achieving big or small dreams is smart. People need structure. After I wrote the book, my husband and I sat down and wrote out our dreams. It’s been a challenge to make them happen, but I would say that working on this book made it more of a focus and that we have done things we may not have done—moving to the farmhouse we’re living in, vacationing more, getting my teeth fixed with Invisalign!

      •  Startups should read Dane’s book. Work cultures that want to attract great people but lack funds could benefit from this book. This is also desperately needed at the corporate level.
      •  “When there’s hope in the future there’s power in the present.” This is a quote from the book I’ve carried with me. We all know this is the case, and almost anytime I’m not feeling excited about life, it’s because I haven’t figured out my next chapter or have nothing to look forward to

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