Prior to joining Mindvalley in 2017, I was working privately as a coach and had build a brand, Awesome Life Club, that sold online programs and books and was very similar to what Mindvalley had built but on a smalller scale.

ALC was designed to help those interested in personal development live their best lives. It was promoted with a podcast and video series, AskALC, and a daily coaching content delivered via short videos called The Daily Awesome.

The flagship program, Life by Design, was a 3-part audio course that trained individuals on how to be the architect, builder, and manager of the life they want. It was designed to provide students with a repeatable framework for success in all areas of life. Part 1 trained them in conceptualized and being intentional. Part 2 trained them in how to set goals and take action. Part 3 was about developing skills in communication and resilience to sustain what they built.

In addition to the Life by Design course under the ALC brand I created many systems, courses, and books to help solve many of the major pain points people experience in life and business. Additional content products were:

      • The People Magnet Formula, which trained students how to be charismatic communicators in business

      • The Secret Art of Body Language, a guide with visuals about how to read non-verbal cues

      • Quarter-Life Crisis Escape Plan, a book and process for finding purpose for twenty-year-olds who feel lost

      • The Yes Getter Formula, a short ebook that taught people how to be master negotiators

      • The 7-Day Breakthrough Blueprint, a short e-mail course with audios that trained people how to overcome any area of life that’s holding them back

    ALC was discontinued when I joined Mindvalley. During its run it brought many opportunities in private coaching, as well as, the opportunity to be invited and mentored by Tony Robbin’s heading coaching team as part of his 2017 Coaches Academy.