The Truth About What Stops You

Too young. Too old. Not smart enough. Not fast enough. Not good looking enough. Don’t have enough money. It’s too hard. The system is f*cked up. I have no help. I have no time. I’m too busy. I’m tired. I don’t know enough. It’s not for me. It’s not my time.

What’s “the reason” you can’t have what you want?

Perhaps there is none? Perhaps it’s the reason itself that is stopping you? Perhaps you’ve trapped yourself by believing the disempowering thoughts your inner critic has made up?

There is only ever one true reason why you don’t have what you want. One of these variables is out:


If KNOWLEDGE is the barrier, you simply don’t know how to get what you want. You’re missing information. Fill the knowledge gap, and you’ll know how to move forward.

If ACTION is the barrier, you just need to do what you already know to do. Or try a new approach.

So now, what is truly stopping you?