How to Make Faster Decisions

Ketchup or mustard? One may seem like the “better” option to you. But here’s the truth about choice: Choice itself is subjective, which means you are always the qualifier.

So no choice is ever better. Scientifically speaking, all choices are on par.

It’s useful to remember this at times where you torment yourself over major life decisions. Do the business deal or don’t? Marry your current mate or split? Sign the one year lease or not? Have another kid? You try to figure out what’s “better”. But technically there is no better. So simply make a choice.

Any choice you make will take you out of decision limbo. You will free yourself so you can move forward. You’ll take actions. And you’ll get feedback about the choice you’ve made. If it doesn’t work, now you know. You can then choose something else.

It really is that simple so don’t over-complicate it.

But if this method does not yet satisfy you, then here is another astonishing scientific principle to understand about choice: You will always believe that you have made the right one.

Ever found yourself agreeing with yourself after you’ve made a “tough” choice? For instance, you buy house and later think, “I’m glad, I bought the home in this neighborhood versus that other place across town. The people here are way cooler.”

Humans look for reasons to make their current situations appeal to them. It’s a built-in survival mechanism.

So perhaps, the message to gain from this post, is not about choice at all. Perhaps it’s to understand that people get in their own way. You cause your own mental anguish.

At least now you know how to free yourself when it comes to “tough” choices. Simply choose a option.