Gun-to-the-Head Actions

I once learned a stellar copywriting tactic from John Carlton who confidently calls himself the most ripped off writer on the web. It’s called Gun-to-the-Head Copywriting.

The name sums up the technique but I’ll explain it anyways:

Imagine you’re copywriter. Your job is to use words to get people to buy widgets. One day, you’re at your desk typing and a guy in a black mask busts in and puts a gun to your head. You have 20 seconds to scribble out your most poignant message about widgets because it’s one final ad before you’re a meat carcass. This better be your best work.

I know, it’s twisted but that’s why it’s so effective and unforgettable!

You can bet whatever you scribble out will be GOLD. People make wise use of resources when time is limited.

Anyone can apply this same approach to day-to-day actions.

Let’s say you make today a Gun-to-Head Day.

And remember, this is 100% made up hypothetical hoo-ha.

But what would you do?